Veneers (International Course)

A valuable addition to any practice

Hands-on course

More and more patients want to fulfill their desire for a perfect smile and are willing to pay higher costs for this themselves. Today, treatment with anterior veneers is a proven and reliable restorative method when properly indicated. Ceramic veneers are regarded as the benchmark for modern esthetic restorations and in many cases offer a substance-preserving alternative to crowning.

Theoretical part

Dr. Hajtó will present a conclusive treatment system based on documented patient cases from his own practice. The focus will be on procedures for preparation and cementation that are appropriate for the indication and material.

Further topics of the lecture:

  • Indication
  • Choice of materials: Which ceramics, which luting materials?
  • Preparation methods from non-prep to minimally invasive to semi-invasive
  • Influence of the insertion cement and the die shade on the shade, shade control using ceramics or composite
  • Failures and possible causes

Practical part

This hands-on workshop deals with the practical implementation of the special preparation criteria for veneers, which are first explained by means of a presentation. The individual treatment steps will be demonstrated on the phantom model.

Presentations on the topics:

  • Preparation guidelines
  • Structured preparation procedure step-by-step
  • Temporary fabrication
  • Adhesive cementation, materials, tips and tricks


CDE – Center of Dental Education
Fußbergstr. 1
82131 Gauting near Munich


Friday 14:00 – 19:00 h and Saturday 9:00 – 17:00 h

  • Gauting, 11./12. October 2024

For inquiries as to whether individual course places have become available at short notice for fully booked courses, please send us an e-mail to:
(Please do not call Dr. Hajtó’s practice for this reason)

I have attended many international training courses now… this course certainly ranks right up there! I found the course to be very clinically oriented, extremely pragmatic, essential studies and theory were sufficiently present; most of all, I would like to thank you for your honest, very clearly stated experience reports (failures, successes and also materials)… this is incredibly important for “younger” colleagues like me with under 15 years of experience… I appreciate it very much!

Although even more subjective- I found your “didactics” to be top notch… incredibly “enjoyable” and entertaining!

Hope to attend the bite elevation course as soon as possible!!!

I am still under the impression of the past 2 terrific course days, which will bring me a considerable and above all quickly applicable gain in the practice.

Once again it has been shown that the courses given by colleagues who have years of experience and practice on a daily basis, and who also show the problems and “earlier” failures, are the best for the practitioner. Nevertheless, the relevant concise scientific data did not come too short. Wildly determined to use the findings the next few days, I look forward to the beginning week as a dentist.

The “other” activities as a practice owner are mostly the necessary but necessary evil. I have been following the online modules of the “Data-driven ZAP” for the last few months, as time permits. Thank you very much for many ideas that can make life in the practice easier.

Dr. Marco Stehl, Dentist from Dresden

I just had my first major adhesive placement after your veneer course the weekend before last and would like to thank you. It gave me so much confidence and reassurance that you also take a lot of time for these appointments.😊

Everything worked well and my helper and I, without having to talk much, worked really great together! By the way, the Teflon threads also convinced me 👍🏻

The next course in June for bite elevation is already booked 🙏

Course fee

950 € plus VAT

This continuing education event is evaluated with 16 points according to the evaluation table of the BZÄK / DGZMK.